JNNYhshop has contributed to the U.K’s beauty industry by creating three astonishing and innovative brands JINNYlash, JINNYrainbow and JINNYrocks.


JINNYlash has created a worldwide frenzy as the U.K’s pioneering eyelash extension brand since its establishment in 2004. With a distinguished celebrity following, JINNYlash continues to grow and remains the most popular eyelash extension brand on the beauty market, regularly seen in the press and on television. Available in selections of length, curl and thickness, JINNYlash will guarantee a perfect set of bespoke, natural looking lashes. 


Following the success of JINNYlash, JINNYshop developed the unique body art system, JINNYrainbow and JINNYrocks.  JINNYrainbow is a water proof temporary tattoo lasting up to 7 days. There is a selection of over 200 stencil designs and over a 100 varieties of glitter. JINNYrainbow also caters to the more artistic individual with a thin-tipped glue, perfect for more creative, freehand body artwork. JINNYrocks are beautiful body gems which are available in over 80 colours and shapes. They can be worn alone or with a JINNYrainbow glittery design. JINNYrainbow and JINNYrocks are fun, eye catching body accessories which are skin friendly, safe, easy to apply and pain free. They are the perfect and must-have items for parties and festivals.


JINNYshop has committed itself to the development of the fashion market.  JINNYshop will continue to invest its time and resources into the development of innovative products in order to fulfil the aesthetic demands of the customers around the world.