JINNYlash full eye makeover!






The JINNYlash Curl:

The JINNYlash Curl is a first of its kind in the UK and uses a specially designed protective silicon eye pad as opposed to the standard eyelash perming roller for an enviable lash curl that lasts. The silicon eye pad is positioned over the eye and the eyelashes are brushed over this pad and held in place with a hypoallergenic lash glue. Step 1 JINNYlash curling cream is then applied to the positioned eyelashes for 15-20 minutes. The lashes are then cleansed with water and then Step 2 JINNYlash curling cream, which acts as the fixative, is then applied. This is left on the eyelashes for the same period of time. The eyelashes are once again cleansed and the silicon eye pads are removed to reveal beautifully curled lashes. The unique JINNYlash curling cream and fixative solution have been created by company founder and no.1 lash expert Jinny Coffey. After years of research looking into and understanding the science of eyelashes, Jinny has sourced these products that not only curl the lash hair but help protect the lash follicles.
The JINNYlash Curl only takes 45 minutes and results last approximately 4-6 weeks. Thanks to the innovative silicon pad application, the eyelashes are perfectly curled to ensure a natural finish.



The JINNYlash Tint:

The JINNYlash Curl is a great choice to combine with the JINNYlash Tint. Using a custom-blended eyelash dye, the eyelashes are tinted to a shade of your choice. Choose from a wide selection of tints from jet black to rich brown through to navy blue. Similar to the JINNYlash Curl, the same silicon pads are used and the eyelashes are tinted accordingly. The gentle dye formula is applied to lashes and left for approximately 20 minutes.
Finish off the look with a slick of the JINNYlash Conditioner; a powerful combination of vitamins, minerals and collagen that boost lash growth and promote shine and lash thickness. Use this as prescribed by the JINNYlash team and enter into eyelash heaven.
The JINNYlash Curl and Tint package costs £60 and is available at selected salons.
The JINNYlash Conditioner costs £15.


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