Facials have become a necessity for women of all ages. It helps remove dead skin cells and leave the face looking beautiful and fresh. If facials are regularly performed, there is no need to use cosmetics.

We offer a variety of Facial Treatments for different skin types and conditions designed to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin, resulting in a younger and healthier you. The therapists at JINNYsalon have years of experience and are highly trained to know and understand which treatment will best meet your requirements.

As we always strive to provide the very best customer experience, we offer a 10 minute face, neck and shoulder massage with every facial treatment.




Body Massage

We provide a deeply relaxing massage which will get rid of stress, aid the reduction of muscle tension and greatly improve your general well-being.

To all those out there who are over-worked, over-stressed and just plain over it: weve got just the thing to brighten your spirits.

Treat yourself to a customised one hour full body massage from JINNYsalon at either New Malden or Bond Street. You certainly deserve it!
If tension is your main stressor, let it melt away with a full body massage. The benefits of our massages will be long lasting. Targeting key tension points in your body, the expert masseuses at JINNYsalon will undo all the stress caused by your busy life.

We offer a wide range of revitalising massage techniques including Sports, Aromatherapy, Slim, Acupuncture and Swedish massage.

The benefits of massages are endless. Here's just a few:

- Aids weight loss
- Relieves aches and pains
- Tones muscles
- Relaxes tight muscles
- Increases circulation
- Stimulates the lymphatic system
- Aids removal of waste products in the body
- Improves skin colour/texture/elasticity
- Breaks down fatty tissue
- Softens and moisturises skin
- Helps to stimulate metabolism and improve general health



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